Senior Development Plan
Hurley CC Senior Development Plan
Hurley Cricket Club has made great progress in recent years:
•           87 registered junior players (2014) supported by a growing body of qualified coaches
•           clubhouse completely refurbished following the floods
•           Professional coach hired to lead weekly practice
•           numerous fundraising successes allowing purchase of new covers, nets and ground-keeping equipment
•           substantial influx of new seniors this year
•           larger numbers wishing to play Sunday cricket and initiation of development fixtures
The committee wants to consolidate and build upon these achievements by agreeing a clear plan for the development of our senior sides.  This will address the following challenges:
•           it is routinely difficult to field two teams on a Saturday
•           there is little consistency in selection making it harder to develop strong team spirit
•           the need to provide opportunities for younger players to develop into senior players
•           given the difficulties of recruitment faced by most clubs, it is vital to ensure that Hurley is seen as a great place to play senior cricket
1.      A number of places in the Saturday 2nd XI should be reserved for under 15 (and eventually under 17 players) who will be guaranteed a regular place in the team, provided they are of a suitable standard.  These young players will always be introduced into the second team (rather than spreading them between the two Saturday sides).
2.      Recognising the motivational importance of being part of a successful and friendly team, the Saturday 2nd XI will be bolstered by experienced players and by players with the ability to support the younger players and to mentor their development.
3.      The Sunday captain and the Saturday 2nd XI captain will be required to ensure that the junior players are given a full opportunity to develop their skills, investing in their development as an essential route to ensuring a longer-term increase in the Club’s playing standards. 
4.      These captains, other senior players, and the entire membership will have a key role to play in understanding and supporting this vision.  There is clearly scope for tension between short-term results and the pursuit of these development opportunities, and captains will need to be trusted to strike the balance.  They will be helped in this task by receiving feedback from the playing committee.
5.      Sunday and midweek fixtures will be introduced specifically to support the development of our younger players.  Given current levels of interest it should be possible occasionally to run two Sunday sides, with the development side scheduled to play at home.  In addition, occasional 20:20 fixtures will be introduced midweek as a way to bring new players into the Club and to refresh our “offer”.
6.      The winter nets for seniors will be used more constructively, and over a longer period, with the support of a professional coach.  Outdoor club nights will build upon the success of this year’s initiative, making greater use of the square so that the practice is as valuable and realistic as possible.
7.      Recruitment efforts will continue, drawing upon the club’s improved facilities, coaching set-up and ambition, to draw talented players to the Club who can raise the standard of the 1st XI. 
8.      The implementation of the plan will be reviewed by the club committee on a quarterly basis.  It will be supported by expenditure plans covering ground, cricket development and the clubhouse.
Our Targets
A.       An average of 4 Under-17 players included in the Saturday 2nd XI over the course of 2014/15.
B.       16 hours of winter nets (8 weeks x 2 hours each), 12 weeks of outdoor nets with support from a professional coach.
C.       A strip on the square available for all club nights when a professional coach is present.
D.       At least six development fixtures to be played in 2015, with the precise format of those games to be flexible so as to meet a range of interests.
E.       The senior membership will grow by 10% each year.  This means that the target for 2015 will be 41 senior members.
F.       The team captains and the cricket development leads will meet fortnightly.
G.      There will be a senior players meeting at the start of each season.
H.       Selection committee should meet once a month and will include the Colts captain.
I.          Both the 2nd XI and the 1st XI to be promoted by the end of 2017.
J.        No Saturday team playing short, or using ‘inappropriate’ players in any game in 2015.

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