50th Anniversary Celebrations

50th Anniversary of Cricket at Shepherds Lane

Cricket has been played in Hurley for over a hundred years. The first recorded cricket match for Hurley Cricket Club was a low scoring affair against Pinkneys Green on June 9th 1900. The revival of the Club we see today, came about in 1959 when the club was reformed at the instigation of local landowners Tony and David Burfitt. The ground is still owned by the Burfitts who charge the club £1 rent per year which is promptly donated back to the club.


To celebrate 50 years of cricket at Shepherds Lane, all players past and present were invited to a fun day down at the club on Saturday September 12. We had an excellent reposnse and a great day was had by all.


HURLEY CC Characters 1973-2009 (by Kevin Clement)


A recollection from Kevin Clement composed whilst trying to hit the ball off the square in the Hurley 50th anniversary 20/20 match on 12 September.


DAVID ATKINS. Free transfer from Cookham Dean. Talented gully fieldsman and batsman. First appeared at Hurley with a haircut modelled on Dave Hill from Slade.


PHIL BRADSHAW. Maidenhead Grammar School teacher, Brakspears aficionado and destructive opening bat. Caught Bairstow bowled Swarbrook 0 when opening for Midlands in 1970 Young England trial match.


DAVID BURFITT. Mr Hurley CC and responsible, with his late father Tony, for reforming the Club in 1959. Good seam bowler and could hold a bat from the clubhouse to the square.


ANDY CHAPMAN. Club stalwart and builder of 1977 Club pavilion. Dabbled with the hotel trade where, in an attempt to get more business at his hotel, he declared Christmas in August dressing up as Father Xmas and amusing Devon's American tourists.


KEVIN CLEMENT . Set many records for the club and was it's first and most enthusiastic statistician and archivist delving into the history of the club among the pages of the Maidenhead Advertiser. The only example of a Brentford supporter and mentor to Prof.


JOHN COBBY. Bearded clone of Martin Tetlow. Grasslands, right hand bat, off break bowler and Brakspears, probably in that order.


DAVE COWLEY. Placid muscle laden medium quick bowler also in the teaching profession. Could became punchy at parties after too much Watneys 7.


LAURIE COX. A precise character as a player, umpire and scorer. Scored 3 in 75 minutes against Grasslands with one scoring shot. Apparently always eats peas via the prongs on his fork! Had an eight track in his car when Gordon Ford was still playing his 78s collection.


ROGER FEAST. Unsurprisingly labelled The Beast. Also helped build the 1977 Club pavilion. Stylish opening batsman and avid party goer. Turned up at Ruislip Village for a match in 1973, late and paralytic, fell out of the passenger door and then hit a brilliant 93.


GORDON FORD. The Silver Fox. Combative all-rounder and skipper who shaped the Club into a competitive cricket team. Former Lyons delivery driver. The 1972 programme for the Club match with a Showbiz XI bemoans the fact that he supplied more pies than he'd scored runs that season. Will never forget the start of 1974 when, in the space of half-an-hour, he'd dislocated his shoulder coaching Laurie Cox to catch and been poleaxed by a John Hyde '6' as he was leaving the clubhouse to go to hospital.


DAVID FORREST. Former leg-spin guru and sausage roll thief, much to Val's embarrassment! Mrs Clement Senior used to do teas at Hurley but kept on losing sausage rolls off the plate before tea was served. After four incidents she discovered the cause when a little hand reached up to the hatch ledge and nicked a roll; well he was only 2 at the time!


SID FORREST. Brilliant wicketkeeper and England Universities goalkeeper. A genuine number 11 with aspirations to open although batting at 10 often gave him a nosebleed. Kept goal for England Universities. Highly likely to have exceeded runs with stumpings.


FRED FURNEAUX. Mr Duracell all-rounder forever with a Grade 2 haircut. At 72 years one would not expect his bowling arm to still be at the perpendicular. A natural good bloke the whole Maidenhead sporting world was stunned when, at the age of 53, he was sent-off for punching the lights out of an opposition player.


BRIAN GRIFFIN - Genial Head Master, Chairman, and top order bat with dodgy hamstrings and an unusual recipe for a tour drink


NEIL HALLIDAY : Doc to his team-mates and tour legend. Famous for roof runs, Eddo Brandes inspired sledging and not to be mentioned bedroom exertions. Spiky opening bowler and hard hitting tailender, reknowned for hitting in the "Al Greene" V.


JOHN HYDE. Well known in the Bedfordshire cricket world as 'The Bear'. A big hitting batsman, fiery quick bowler and a leading member of The Feast set, he often played in the East Berks League on Saturdays and the Millman League in Beds and Cambs on Sundays.


DAVE JACKETT. Doris was a talented off-spinner now safely ensconced in Australia. Only played for Hurley when he discovered the home dressing room had a 6 foot mirror in it. Well known for spending more time getting himself tarted up after a match than he ever spent in the middle. Achieved the rare feat of a double hat-trick in a match with Great Missenden.


TIM KENDRICK. Elegant bat modelled on Richard Gere. Transferred from Wargrave so he could use the same mirror as Dave Jackett.


TONY LEHAIN. Legendary Maidenhead Grammar School teacher, Club scout and stonewall opener. Fanatical Burnley FC supporter his double period economics and public affairs lessons on Monday mornings had very little to do with the curriculum but broadened the class knowledge of Ralph Coates. Retired from cricket to breed.


GEOFF LOMAS. Cupcake was a good swing bowler who introduced the slower ball to Hurley, 20 years before it reached mainstream cricket. A passable ventriloquist he allegedly thwarted the attempt of three Jacksons fieldsmen to catch a Hurley batsman by calling out 'Jim's ball' whilst acting as square leg umpire. Of course, Jim wasn't playing!


CHRIS LONG. Wilf was an effective medium quick bowler who still has the same physique as when he burst onto the Hurley scene 30+ years ago. Often accused of being too nice, he would apologise if he hit opposition batsmen with a short delivery.


KEVIN MATIER. Wicketkeeper discovered whilst painting a skirting board in the pavilion and pressed into service on the cricket field. Destructive leg side hitter to anything outside off stump, his ability to score runs was reputedly limited after attending a John Scott batting masterclass.


ALLEN MUSTOO. Imaginative 2nd XI captain who would encourage the opposition to make an early declaration by bringing himself onto bowl. Unfortunately that gave a poor batting side little chance of surviving until stumps. Once enlivened a Committee Meeting in the depths of winter by getting his tailor to call in at the Clubhouse at 10pm to measure him for a suit.


JIM PLESTED. Ancient slow left arm bowler who played for Wargrave's winning Julian Cup team before the 2nd World War. Often plied his art with the remnants of a Woodbine in the corner of his mouth. Loved being hit for six as time and again his theory, that the batsman would try and hit the next ball even further, was proved by the capture of another wicket.


CHRIS RAYMOND. Fred was a cultured wicketkeeper/batsman still using the same Gunn & Moore bat thirty years after its purchase. An improvement as his previous bat was one endorsed by Frank Rist a pre-war Essex cricketer. His relaxed appearance and style, complete with sandals and kaftan, led to comparison with a hippie 'Out of Africa' where he often worked.


ROBIN RAYMOND. Brother of Chris and a buccaneering batsman who retired from playing cricket to become a ski instructor. Often on the piste, Robin cultivated a Leo Sayer perm many months before the singer!


MICK RIDGEWAY. Very committed Club man and scorer of 30+ years. Humbug's acerbic wit has enlivened many an account of poor Hurley performances with his brother Phil often on the receiving end.


PHIL RIDGEWAY. Destructive left-handed opener and slow left-arm bowler, Clairol holds the record for the most runs and wickets at the Club. Extremely loyal to the Club, his talents probably deserved a better stage at the peak of his career. Early Ridgeway facial appearance modelled on Barry Gibb. Also a good fieldsman he can still be found bending down in the slips waiting for a tickle.


JOHN SCOTT. A flashing old school batsman from Sussex and effective off spin bowler. Another entertaining teacher. His ability to capture wickets with mediocre deliveries was contentiously described by the author in his press report as 'flighted full tosses' much to the bowler's chagrin. Never short of a word or six.


IAN SHEPHERD. Left-arm swing bowler and right handed basher who was always good for entertainment on the cricket field. Once forgot to turn left when leaving the Clubhouse drive on his Vespa and redesigned the hedge on the other side of the road.


PAUL SUMMERLAND. Bubbly character with an ability to score vital runs and capture wickets at key stages of games. Known as the Roadrunner on account of his speed between the wickets when he could get close to lapping some of the slower batsmen attempting to run a three.


MARTIN TETLOW. Folically challenged clone of John Cobby. Brakspears, batting, off break bowling and Grasslands in that order. Bowled a mean arm bowl and particularly strong with the cut as a Mapledurham wicketkeeper, who often put his hands in front of the stumps line, found out to his cost. His green Escort estate car should have been called 'Kit' as, like the David Hasselhoff version, it could find its way from The Dewdrop Inn to Woodstock Close, Maidenhead at any time of the day.


BRIAN WELLS. Another Maidenhead Grammar School teacher hailing from Yorkshire and bowling long spells of medium fast, with progressively ruddy cheeks. His ability to get across the principles of Latin were regularly lost in translation; imagine amo, amas, amat and similar phrases delivered in a broad Yorkshire dialect!

50 Years at Shepherds Lane...


Fifty years of cricket were celebrated in style at Hurley on Saturday with over 70 members and guests gathering for a festival of nostalgia and vague recollections. Over 20 past members made it back to the club and their numbers were swelled by wives, girl-fiends, burgeoning prodigy and in some cases ex wives (not burgeoning I hastily add – Laura), all of which made for a terrific atmosphere under blazing blue skies and verdant rural surroundings.


Cricket was played after a welcome pint and bacon roll. Three teams were cobbled together from complaining aging bodies, bodies fuelled by memories alone and a liberal sprinkling of our current crop of talented youngsters and current players. The cricket however was incidental and the results unimportant. What was brilliant was to see the likes of Mark 'Mad Dog' Allen, Kevin Clement, Peter 'Bitter Dash' Bassett, Neil 'Lardy' Dawkins, Nally 'Wally' Fernando, Brian 'the talc pint' Griffin, Neil 'Doc' Halliday, Tim Kendrick, Kunal 'The Destroyer' Nandwani, Mike 'Burble' Taylor and Chris Raymond score runs once again on the hallowed turf. The more sensible old timers preferred to shelter in the pavilion with a pint and ward off dementia by trying to recall names and faces and some classic tours.


The challenge of the day was to put names to faces as another car load of veterans disembarked to see if there was anyone from their era there.
A tremendous effort by a few club members ensured an opulent tea, sumptuous BBQ and an excellent day. A stray sheep tried to join in the fun and 'doc' was all for a spit roast but in the end settled for burger and a sausage. While some could boast an association going back over 40 years with the club, the pride of place had to go to Alan Mustoo who was one of the few who re-launched the club in the village in 1959. Apologies to those who we could not find contact details for, but if you would like to contact us via the website we can ensure we put you on the list in future, hopefully before the next 50 years is celebrated.


A full list of past players attending is as follows (12th September 2009): Mark Allen, Peter Bassett, Andy Chapman, Kevin Clement, John Cobby, Laurie Cox, Neil Dawkins, Paul Dutton, Nally Fernanado, Johnny Furneaux, Fred Furneaux, Danny Fois, Gordon Ford, Brian Griffin, Neil Halliday, Tim Kendrick, Jeremy Lee, Chris Long, Alan Mustoo, Kunal Nandwani, Chris Raymond, Ian Shepherd, Mike Taylor and Martin Tetlow.


Comments from attendees


David hi. Thanks for that and thanks to you all for making us so welcome and laying on a great day. I'm off to A & E this morning to get my foot X-rayed. I think I might have done some more damage playing golf yesterday. Look forward to next year's event - keeping the same format too hopefully.

Thanks and cheers, Chris Raymond


Dear David,

Many thanks for an excellent day. Only sorry that for medical reasons I was not able to play a part or stay longer. Hope to be fighting fit next year! Cheers, Paul


Hi David, Thanks for organising such a great day. Lovely to see so many familiar faces and to have an opportunity to catch up with everyone I knew from my time at the club over 25 years ago. I'll get back in touch soon as i would really like to pick your brains about the Hurley website design.
Thanks again Cheers Peter Bassett


Hi David,

Thanks for organising a FAB day at the club on Saturday. It's great to see the club in such a good place and enjoying cricket at all levels to the full. Very impressive; and a big thank you to everyone, including Val for the wonderful grub. I've got a good feeling about the future at Hurley CC so if I can help in any way on or off the field please just ask. Tim

Dear David,


Many thanks for the warm welcome yesterday and for arranging such wonderful weather! It was great to meet so many old (and getting older!) team mates. I hope the evening celebrations went well and good luck with the rest of the season and following seasons. I'll keep an eye on your excellent web site. See you at the next anniversary! Best wishes, John Cobby.  


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