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Dear Club Member,

The committee would like to write to everyone who enjoys cricket at Hurley to keep them informed of our position regarding the 2020 season. It is increasingly likely that little, if any cricket will be played this year. Not only is this a disaster for cricket and our summer, but financially for the club. We have unavoidable overheads of about £11,000 a year including maintaining the ground, insurance, rates, utilities and equipment. We face no income. Clearly this is a situation that the club cannot sustain. We are therefore asking everyone if they would pay a subscription of £25 this year to help keep the club going. Our bank details are as follows:


Barclays Bank



10 hart street









I’m sure you all would not like to see the club go under and will make this small contribution and I thank you in advance. I hope we can all stay together either through virtual means or even in person soon. Keep tuned to Whatsapp and the website.



Mike Treasurer


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