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Cricket was played after a welcome pint and bacon roll. Three teams were cobbled together from complaining aging bodies, bodies fuelled by memories alone and a liberal sprinkling of our current crop of talented youngsters and current players. The cricket however was incidental and the results unimportant. What was brilliant was to see the likes of Mark ‘Mad Dog’ Allen, Kevin Clement, Peter ‘Bitter Dash’ Bassett, Neil ‘Lardy’ Dawkins, Nally ‘Wally’ Fernando, Brian ‘the talc pint’ Griffin, Neil ‘Doc’ Halliday, Tim Kendrick, Kunal ‘The Destroyer’ Nandwani, Mike ‘Burble’ Taylor and Chris Raymond score runs once again on the hallowed turf. The more sensible old timers preferred to shelter in the pavilion with a pint and ward off dementia by trying to recall names and faces and some classic tours. The challenge of the day was to put names to faces as another car load of veterans disembarked to see if there was anyone from their era there.

A tremendous effort by a few club members ensured an opulent tea, sumptuous BBQ and an excellent day. A stray sheep tried to join in the fun and ‘doc’ was all for a spit roast but in the end settled for burger and a sausage. While some could boast an association going back over 40 years with the club, the pride of place had to go to Alan Mustoo who was one of the few who re-launched the club in the village in 1959. Apologies to those who we could not find contact details for, but if you would like to contact us via the website we can ensure we put you on the list in future, hopefully before the next 50 years is celebrated.

A full list of past players attending is as follows (12th September 2009):
Mark Allen, Peter Bassett, Andy Chapman, Kevin Clement, John Cobby, Laurie Cox, Neil Dawkins, Paul Dutton, Nally Fernanado, Johnny Furneaux, Danny Fois, Gordon Ford, Brian Griffin, Neil Halliday, Tim Kendrick, Jeremy Lee, Chris Long, Alan Mustoo, Kunal Nandwani, Chris Raymond, Ian Shepherd, Mike Taylor, Martin Tetlow.

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