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The clubhouse has been inundated to the depth of more than 12” of water twice now in little over two weeks. The lockers holding all the kit that the youngsters use for training – from suitable clothing to bats and balls have let the water in and all the contents will now have to be destroyed. The clubhouse itself  will have to be completely refurbished -the changing rooms, the shower area, the toilets, the lounge and the kitchen too. 

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The shed where most of the groundsman’s equipment is held has also been swamped with water and, despite the fact that the expensive specialist mowers are routinely put onto pallets to raise them off the ground at the end of each cricket season, this time they too have suffered from water incursion from the flood and will all have to be completely overhauled at best, and written off completely at worst.
The garage has also been under water. It houses both the heavy roller which levels the whole pitch at the start of the cricket season and levels the cricket square during the season, and the large outfield mower so they have suffered from water penetration.  

These two precious machines have been too heavy to lift above the water level and the club awaits a verdict from the manufacturer as to the cost of overhauling them – after the mechanic can get to them to make an inspection.

Although the club takes out insurance each year for emergencies such as this flood there will be many items which are needed before the new season begins but will not be covered by the insurance. If you can help the club in any way please let us know and we’d be delighted. One thing is certain – whenever there is a match there will be a grand tea interval and you’ll be welcome to partake of the sandwiches, tea and cake.

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